The Above Average Duckling setlist for November 24 2017:

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Virus Alert

Jeen O'Brien - Sing This Song Kim Deal - Walking with a Killer Neutral Milk Hotel - Naomi

Minor Empire - Yartsuz Haley Blais - After That

Beck - Broken Drum Hansmole - No Devils Ben Folds Five - Missing the War

Cayla Brooke - Cheating Heart Dreamer Queen - Light on Lies Mavis Staples - Little Bit

The Aquabats - Marshmallow Man Lemon Demon - Everybody Loves Raymond Gob - Sleepyhead The Cure - Cold

Weezer - Death and Destruction Christopher Tom - Silver Los Straitjackets - Catalina

Necking - Daddy Issues Necking - All Melissas Are Keepers Necking - Detective Olivia Benson Necking - Ford Commercial Necking - Stop Singing

They Might Be Giants - Maybe I Know Peach Kelli Pop - Dreamphone Lucia Fasano - Not About You

Ozma - Natalie Portman Tegan and Sara - Back in Your Head Bikini Kill - For Tammy Rae

Ellen Froese - Oh Deed I Do