The Above Average Duckling setlist for June 02 2017:

Beck - Qué Onda Guero Carly Rae Jepsen - Part of Your World Neil Cicierega - Wow Wow

Nesey Gallons - When I Was an Ice Skater Melody Luna - Sun & Moon Lily Frost - Enchantment

Peeling - Vulture's Game Peeling - Away From You Peeling - Rattlesnake Peeling - Wandering Womb

The Unicorns - Jellybones They Might Be Giants - Your Own Worst Enemy Tegan and Sara - Painting Songs The Muffs - Sad Tomorrow

The Tuts - Dump Your Boyfriend Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - The High Party Nerf Herder - Mr. Spock

Jack Off Jill - My Cat Mr. Bungle - Ars Moriendi Bikini Kill - Tell Me So She-Devils - Hey Boy

Kindling - Wait Kestrels - Octavio Land of Talk - Heartcore

Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel - Rancor System of a Down - Honey System of a Down - Johnny

Ozma - Heartache vs. Heartbreak Gabby La La - Be Careful What You Wish For 'Cause It Might Come True X-Ray Visionaries - With Everybody Else

Not You - Mabel