The Above Average Duckling setlist for May 19 2017:

The White Stripes - Hello Operator Strong Bad - The System is Down Melanie Martinez - Alphabet Boy

Nerf Herder - Nervous Breakdown Green Day - Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? Stoned Optic - Loser

They Might Be Giants - Monsters of Mud Chicken-Like Birds - In the City Frank Love - Simple Pleasures

Die Mannequin - Near the End Skating Polly - Nothing More Than a Body Hurtin' - Daddy Likey

Hooded Fang - Sisters and Suns The Fiery Furnaces - Wicker Whatnots The Music Tapes - Tornado Longing for Freedom

She-Devils - You Don't Know Mac DeMarco - On the Level Mac DeMarco - Watching Him Fade Away

Kip Timos - Cherry Tree X-Ray Visionaries - Red Line Elvis Costello - (I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea Hank Angel and his Island Devils - Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet

Big Walnuts Yonder - Pud Luge - Nanonana Jazz Against the Machine - Spoonman

Lemon Demon - The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny Bratmobile - Fuck Yr Fans The Residents - Lizard Lady

Come Back Barbara - TTC Come Back Barbara - Shark Week Wavves - Daisy

Serj Tankian - The Unthinking Majority Primus - I Want It Now Primus - Oompa Veruca

Le Tigre - Mediocrity Rules