The Above Average Duckling setlist for February 17 2017:

Hansmole - Soothing Syrup Outkast - Toilet Tisha Plunk - Emaculation Lemon Demon - Go to Hollywood

Terra Lightfoot - No Hurry Demi Lovato - Trainwreck The Aquabats - Hey Luno

Maureen Washington - Harvest Moon Lily Fawn - Animals Grow Horns

The Fiery Furnaces - I'm in No Mood The Fiery Furnaces - Black-Hearted Boy DJ Smoke Weed Guy - IDC

Jesca Hoop - The Lost Sky Megan Marie - Find Me Again Kate Romain - I Went to the Store to Buy Bread, But Instead Bought a Bunch of Vegetables. They Were Very Heavy to Carry Home, But Then I Made a Big Soup and Was Happy! Tom Waits - I Can't Wait to Get Off Work (and See My Baby on Montgomery Avenue)

Splendora - Beautiful The Residents - Krafty Cheese Weezer - Lullaby for Wayne

Begonia - Juniper Little Sprout - No Twin Spirits Mother Mother - Empty Hands

Kate Micucci - Just Say When Ben Folds Five - Thank You For Breaking My Heart Neutral Milk Hotel - Two-Headed Boy Pt. Two

John Linnell - Will You Love Me in December As You Do in May? Lucia Fasano - F

Ohio Players - Silly Billy