The Above Average Duckling setlist for January 27 2017:

The Residents - Hitler Was a Vegetarian Infantile Dissention - Black Guards Collagen - Bullshit Rosacea - Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them Jack Off Jill - Choke Mr. Bungle - Desert Search for Techno Allah À La Mode - Total Doom Miffed Neighbours - Cheap Thrills Andrea Ramolo - Hold Me Foonyap - Me + You Pavement - Loretta's Scars Pinner - Depleted Pinner - OTWF They Might Be Giants - Authenticity Trip Green Day - Jinx Green Day - Haushinka that dog. - Ms. Wrong Skating Polly - Nothing More The Muffs - Red Eyed Troll Major Funk and the Employment - Bare Bones The Lonely Parade - Duck Hunt Jeen. - Modern Life (Electrified) The White Stripes - Look Me Over Closely The Les Claypool Frog Brigade - Up on the Roof Neil Cicierega - Annoyed Grunt Century Egg - Since I Caught You Superdrag - Carried The Karl Hendricks Rock Band - The Bleedin' Obvious