The Above Average Duckling setlist for January 20 2017:

The Offspring - Da Hui Primus - Kalamazoo The Unicorns - The Clap Charli XCX - Famous Melanie Martinez - Mad Hatter Shiloh - Raise a Little Hell Now Birdheat - Beaver River Bridge Yucky Duster - Duster's Lament The Regrettes - Seashore Maya Rae - Close Your Eyes Carolyn Mark - Song for Alexis O Hearse - No Cowboy Julie Ruin - Radical or Pro-Parental The Music Tapes - So the Day Long Peach Kelli Pop - Princess Castle 1987 Rivers Cuomo - Oh No, This is Not for Me Weezer - Tired of Sex Los Straitjackets - Tailspin Cub - Secret Nothing Maow - Mommie's Drunk Heaven for Real - Beyond the Lanes X-Ray Visionaries - The Man in the Plastic Mask Beastie Boys - Flute Loop William Shatner - Has Been Sparks - Thanks But No Thanks Tom Waits - Hang Down Your Head Loving - A Long Slow Little Wave / Citizen, an Activity Century Egg - Teleportation Novillero - A Little Tradition Jock Tears - Weird Date Violent Femmes - Thanksgiving (No Way Out) XTC - Roads Girdle the Globe The Muffs - Oh Nina Mike Watt - Piss-Bottle Man They Might Be Giants - Ant The Mothers of Invention - Mr. Green Genes