The Above Average Duckling setlist for July 07 2023:

English Narwhal - The Bright Escape

American Lips - Lionz The White Stripes - Catch Hell Blues Dude York - Tonight

Little Sprout - Alien Boyfriend Men I Trust - Numb Elan Noon - Could It Be?

Property - Archetype Century Egg - All This Unpleasantness Nesey Gallons - Aurelia

Skating Polly - Singalong Skating Polly - Someone Like a Friend Skating Polly - Double Decker

Skating Polly - Charlie's Brother Skating Polly - Send a Priest Skating Polly - I'm Sorry For Always Apologizing

Skating Polly - Not Going Back Again Skating Polly - Man Out There (feat. David Yow) Skating Polly - Party House

Champion Lawnmower - Lime Crisis of 2014 Britt A.M. - Heart Drops Milk - Melty

pilotredsun - Fat Cat Pixies - Gouge Away Mr. Bungle - Golem II: the Bionic Vapour Boy

Cardiograms - Anxiety Gally - Guelph The Garrys - In the Dawn They Might Be Giants - I Am a Human Head

Winnie Richards - The Man Who Loved You