The Above Average Duckling setlist for June 09 2023:

Garfunkel and Oates - Sex with Ducks Property - Back Row They Might Be Giants - Brontosaurus

Necking - Big Mouth Champion Lawnmower - I Can Slinky Kitty Kat Fan Club - Happy Now, Loving You

Aquarius - Prairie L CON - What if Heidi Likes the City? Sister Ray - Pressing Down

Mise En Scene - You Feel Good Softswitch - Best at Art Maitarra - This That and the Other

Brunch Club - Pepsi? Peach Pyramid - Wear Sunscreen The Party on High Street - Musty Lust Swim Team - Empire

Pottery - Hank Williams The Shiverettes - Spiteburger N0V3L - To Whom It May Concern Fountain - Leak on U

Alimony - Fool's Gold Munya - Trop Tard Men I Trust - All Night

Dude York - Unexpected Ellen Froese - Happy Alone Tallies - Mother

Only a Visitor - Bedroom Archaeology Mac DeMarco - Finally Alone Evelyne Brochu - Difficile

Hillsburn - I Knew the Times Weren't Perfect [But the Drugs Aren't Working] Sarah Burton - I Hate Goodbyes Amy Gabba & the Almost Famous - Makes Me Want You More

Sparks - That Was Fun