The Above Average Duckling setlist for November 25 2022:

DOGGIFY - I Get Around but it's Doin' Your Mom (With Harmonies)

The Residents - Six Things to a Cycle

Big Joanie - Taut Plasticine Cowboy - Dante Okay Kaya - Pearl Gurl

Tom Waits - Gun Street Girl The Surfrajettes - Toxic XTC - Mermaid Smiled

Badge Époque Ensemble - Don't Touch a Hair on His Head Winnie Richards - The Parking Lot Jeen - Little Idea

Lucky Sperms - Walking the Cow Mac DeMarco - Sherrill Shonen Knife - Catnip Dream

Alvvays - Pomeranian Spinster KEN mode - Throw Your Phone in the River MVLL CRIMES - Limp Bizkit 4Eva

They Might Be Giants - Rest Awhile Ruby Karinto - Jugemu Medioc0re - Oh, Seedy Nirvana - Dive

The Music Tapes - Night and Day Primus - The Trek Lemon Demon - You're At the Party

Tenci - Great Big Elephant