The Above Average Duckling setlist for October 28 2016:

Jonathan Coulton - Re: Your Brains They Might Be Giants - Turn Around The Offspring - Special Delivery The Aquabats - Tarantula Hag Face - Witch Stomp Rush - Witch Hunt Sonic Avenues - Dead Faces Wizaard - The Tchedched Monster Case Violent Femmes - Fool in the Full Moon Brown Sabbath - Snowblind Gatecreeper - Grotesque Operations Thick Skull - Moth Possessed Steve Buscemi & Elliott Sharp - Taking the Virus Never Betters - Old Hotel Hank Pine - YGGDRASIL Ghost - Cirice System of a Down - DAM The New Colors - Leave Tonight Mr. Bungle - Travolta Lemon Demon - Lifetime Achievement Award The Residents - The Electrocutioner Infantile Dissention - Greasy Sludge Vampires The Birthday Massacre - Blue The Spent Poets - You Can't Kill Michael Malloy Tim Curry - I Put a Spell on You