The Above Average Duckling setlist for September 16 2022:

KryptoDigital - Ain't No Rest for the Smooth

MVLL CRIMES - Arguing with Strangers on the Internet MVLL CRIMES - Bootlickers Reprise MVLL CRIMES - Dirty Fingers

MVLL CRIMES - Foods I Don't Eat MVLL CRIMES - Limp Bizkit 4Eva MVLL CRIMES - Checkin Out

Doohickey Cubicle - Hotel Beds Bnny - August pilotredsun - fat cat

Going Steady - Baby Baby X-Ray Visionaries - Same Old, Same Old Renaldo & the Loaf - Hambu Hodo

The Poubelles - Undecided Twin River - Over and Over Elle Celeste - Shaky Hands

Men I Trust - Numb Ween - Chocolate Town Ben Folds Five - Don't Change Your Plans

They Might Be Giants - Museum of Idiots Sparks - My Baby's Taking Me Home Crumb - Faces The Residents - Boo Who?

Amanda Sum - New Age Attitudes JoJo Worthington - Birthday Living Hour - December Forever

Ozma - Continental Drift (Flight Of The Bootymademoiselle) Primus - American Life Mr. Bungle - Sweet Charity

Property - Always Sleeping In