The Above Average Duckling setlist for July 29 2022:

Gazein - Black Hole Sand

Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle - GoGo's Theme The Residents - Breath and Length Lemon Demon - Sweet Bod

The Great Speckled Fritillary - Silver Rocket Teenage Art Scene - Not Punk After All The Burning Hell - All I Need

Mirabelle - Betty Rosacea - Elizabethtown Die Mannequin - Do It or Die

Local Douche - 234 The Runaways - California Paradise The Replacements - Shiftless When Idle

fanclubwallet - Solid Ground Time Wharp - East River Dusk Weird Lines - Abraham

Tegan and Sara - Alligator Jonathan Coulton - Shop Vac They Might Be Giants - Out of Jail

Jasmyn - Galaxy Rachel Bobbit - More Guided By Voices - Puzzle Two

Ellen Froese - In the Sun Beck - Rowboat Never Betters - Frustrating Song Jack Off Jill - Horrible

Ornament & Crime - Shucks The Presidents of the United States of America - Back Porch (Live) Primus - Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread

Rapport - Video Star Frigs - Pleasure Lenoire - Big Bones

Marlaena Moore - All Alone (Full of Love)