The Above Average Duckling setlist for July 01 2022:

Throwawayaccountjuan - Leekspin me Right Round

Gender Poutine - Loiter The Raincoats - Life on the Line The Party on High Street - Musty Lust

Jasmyn - Happy Tarot Weird Lines - All Eyes and Smiles Troll Dolly - Deedee

Los - Harrison Slide Not You - twofour Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Bridges, Squares

Munya - Trop Tard Lenoire - Oh Girl Dumb - Knot in My Gut

Shonen Knife - An Angel Has Come They Might Be Giants - Why Must I Be Sad? Primus - The Chastising of Renegade

The Burning Hell - The Last Normal Day The Burning Hell - Empty World The Burning Hell - All I Need

Teenage Art Scene - 7 Seconds Without You Teenage Art Scene - Not Punk After All Teenage Art Scene - Passed Into Never

Guv'ner - Break a Promise Pavement - Rattled By the Rush Faux Cults - Little Birdy

Crumb - Part III