The Above Average Duckling setlist for February 04 2022:

Pal - The track where I aimed to create the most severe auditory whiplash in the first 20 seconds

The Tuts - Back Up Death From Above 1979 - Losing Friends Group X - Trickshoth

Kat Bryan - Blanket Fort Ghostly Kisses - Don't Know Why Sweet Alibi - Really Great

Ozma - Lunchbreak (Cobra's Theme) Yellowgold - Fade Away East River Pipe - Psychic Whore

The Distributors - Bus Violent Femmes - Foothills They Might Be Giants - Renew My Subscription Los Straitjackets - G-Man

Britt A.M. - Call In Sugarfungus - Contagious Love Steph Green - Devotion

Broken Egg - Trauma and Depression Kick My Ass XTC - Mermaid Smiled Sunny Day Real Estate - Seven

Primus - Fish On (Fisherman Chronicles, Chapter II) Lemon Demon - Fancy Pants Manifesto Mr. Bungle - Phlegmatics

Champion Lawnmower - Teeth or Retirement Shonen Knife - I Am a Cat Soupy Garbage Juice - Why Am I in This Room?

Billy Talent - The Wolf Elle Barbara's Black Space - Peach Purée (de Pêches) Designosaur - Ew

Marissa Burwell - Francis