The Above Average Duckling setlist for September 17 2021:

Maki Ligon - Hatsune Miku - Wellerman's Polkka

Peach Kelli Pop - Hello Kitty Knife Timing X - Another Crash and Burn Nerf Herder - Welcome to My World

Kirty - You Ripped My Heart Out Bad Waitress - Rabbit Hole Body Breaks - Work for the Man

Michelyn Fae - I See Everything Nesey Gallons - There Won't Be Any Crows They Might Be Giants - Exquisite Dead Guy Christopher Tom - Lately

Chocolate USA - Bookbag Pavement - AT&T Jonathan Coulton - Nemeses

Paris Pick - I Have Everything Daniel Romano's Outfit - Animals Above Our Town Favours - Morning in Miami

So Stressed - Cinnamon Death Teeth - Arts Major Peach Club - White Girl Ween - Molly

The Aquabats - Playdough The Unicorns - Les Os Sebadoh - Narrow Stories

Bnny - August Men I Trust - Tree Among Shrubs Angel Olsen - Eyes Without a Face

Ora Cogan - Anything Lemon Demon - The Ocean Ride - Twisterella

Jack Off Jill - Lovesong Property - Honesty Transylvanian Polka - Candy or a Pisser Mint

Alex Little & the Suspicious Minds - Black Haze