The Above Average Duckling setlist for September 30 2016:

The Aquabats - Radiation Song Ben Folds - Hiro's Song Lemon Demon - Dead Sea Monkeys Hank Pine and Lily Fawn - North America John Linnell - The Second Longest Night Ween - Zoloft Royal Red Brigade - Blood Music The Runaways - California Paradise Impulse Response - We've Got That Something The Helletones - American Vacation Nick Waterhouse - Tracy Fraea the Banshee - Hot Headed Woman Beck - Pay No Mind (Snoozer) Neutral Milk Hotel - My Dreamgirl Don't Exist Kate Micucci - Walking in Los Angeles Nerf Herder - New Jersey Girl Jenny Banai - Water Lily Frost - I Called You Billie Zizi - I Watch the Sun Come Up The Submissives - Do You Really Love Me? Makeout Videotape - Island Groovies King Crimson - Red Primus - Pilcher's Squad Death From Above 1979 - Dead Womb Fountains of Wayne - Hackensack Pavement - Grounded Tom Waits - I'm Still Here Groenland - Distractions Jock Tears - Kelly Kapowski East River Pipe - Dogman Randy Newman - Guilty