The Above Average Duckling setlist for November 13 2020:

DaymanOurSavior - Fireflies but in the full style of Creep by Radiohead

Mr. Bungle - Grizzly Adams Mr. Bungle - Anarchy Up Your Anus Mr. Bungle - Spreading the Thighs of Death

Owen Meany's Batting Stance - He(art) Attack Like a Motorcycle - Satan Does the Numbers Matt Berry - Phantom Birds

The Slits - Ping Pong Affair Hansmole - Heavy Magic Tegan and Sara - Dark Come Soon

Century Egg - Ki Swui Kya Summer Woods - Love is Like Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

The Presidents of the United States of America - Man (Opposable Thumb) Ruby Karinto - Chikotan Primus - Mrs. Blaileen

The Hex - Daydream Deceiver The Hex - The Electric Hand The Hex - Unholy Ghost The Hex - The Hex The Hex - Glass Eye

Sleater-Kinney - Her Again Pavement - AT&T Little Sprout - Alien Boyfriend

The Muffs - Everybody Loves You They Might Be Giants - The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) Shonen Knife - Watchin' Girl

Mallory Chipman & the Mystics - Midnight Lady Crumb - Nina The Fiery Furnaces - Restorative Beer

System of a Down - Protect the Land System of a Down - Genocidal Humanoidz

Lemon Demon - Pumpkin Pie