The Above Average Duckling setlist for January 31 2020:

0843 - Crocodile Shake

Ben Folds Five - Draw a Crowd Ozma - No One Needs to Know They Might Be Giants - Sleeping in the Flowers Le Tigre - Tres Bien

Mac DeMarco - The Stars Keep On Calling My Name Sparks - Thank God It's Not Christmas Ellen Froese - Eaton's Spring & Summer 1975

Girlsnails - Domin-Oh-No I Ordered Another Pizza Family Video - Supergiant Bluets - Wake Me Up in the Morning

Mr. Bungle - Stubb (A Dub) Hag Face - Barb Tarbox The Residents - Margaret Freeman

Red Mass - First Time's a Bitch (Feat. Mike Watt) Red Mass - My Drugs (Feat. John Katsner & Evan Dando) Red Mass - Young Lovers (Feat. Jered Gummere) Red Mass - Sharp (Feat. Mac DeMarco & Ian Wilson)

Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle - The Man Who Shot the Voting Machine Lemon Demon - Marketland Primus - Eleven

Craving Rain - Jealousy Scars on Broadway - Hungry Ghost Pixies - Dead

Of Montreal - Don't Let Me Die in America Groceries - Speedwalker Brunch Club - Dandelion Dreams

Rush - YYZ