The Above Average Duckling setlist for January 17 2020:

Llama Lamp - Ice Ice Polkka

Kate Micucci - I Have a Crush On My Teacher The Muffs - My Lucky Day Laura Carbone - Exes

They Might Be Giants - Subliminal The Unicorns - Emasculate the Masculine Shonen Knife - Bye Bye

WHOOP-Szo - Cut Your Hair Girlsnails - Tapioca Tadpole Sorrey - Slow Chunk

The October Crisis - Alliance The October Crisis - Intrusive Minstrel

Sausage - Recreating Neutral Milk Hotel - Tuesday Moon The Residents - Sinister Exaggerator

Winnie Richards - The Gemini Family Video - Cloud Dancers Woolworm - Much Too Much

Pavement - Pueblo Nesey Gallons - Aurora Borealis Housepanther - Can't Believe They Killed Marissa Cooper Off Nirvana - On a Plain

Ellen Froese - Happy Alone Slam Dunk - In Hell Tops - Seven Minutes

Bikini Kill - Strawberry Julius Peach Kelli Pop - Sailor Moon Ben Folds Five - Sports & Wine

Ornament & Crime - Academy of the Birds Nerf Herder - Cashmere Strong Bad - TROGDOR

Brunch Club - Fall Again