The Above Average Duckling setlist for January 03 2020:

BH12² - Dino Island

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Everything You Know is Wrong The Slits - Typical Girls Only a Visitor - 43 Years

Evelyne Brochu - Désabusée Alex Little and the Suspicious Minds - Late Night Love Slut Prophet - Jesse's Song Slam Dunk - Closer

Lucia Fasano - Check In Lucia Fasano - Spend the Night Lucia Fasano - Somebody Song

Lucia Fasano - Lose a Friend Lucia Fasano - Pocket Light Lucia Fasano - Stop Right There Lucia Fasano - Kitty

Lucia Fasano - The Doom Lucia Fasano - This is Fine Lucia Fasano - Read to Me Lucia Fasano - Best Friend

Britt A.M. - Lead Alexandria Maillot - Someone to Keep You Warm Brunch Club - Dandelion Dreams

They Might Be Giants - Sensurround Pond - Rebury Me Housepanther - Filthy Lazy

Sophie Noel - Miniature Coronas Ellen Froese - Sometimes Tops - Seven Minutes

Girlsnails - Tapioca Tadpole