The Above Average Duckling setlist for October 18 2019:

Lammirai - Bascat Case

They Might Be Giants - Experimental Film Cake - Daria Loving - She Refused to Say

TOMI.NU - Empty Reflections Third Eye Blind - Got So High Walrus - Half Smoke

Kim Gordon - Murdered Out Slut Prophet - Meow Foundation Harsh - Devil in Your Pocket

Stripmall - Christina's World Stripmall - Teenies Town Stripmall - Meat Stripmall - Shotgun Fetish

The Muffs - That's For Me The Muffs - Down Down Down The Muffs - No Holiday The Muffs - Earth Below Me

The Muffs - A Lovely Day Boo Hoo The Muffs - Late and Sorry The Muffs - The Best The Muffs - Pollyanna

The Muffs - Sick of This Old World The Muffs - To That Funny Place The Muffs - You Talk and You Talk The Muffs - Happier Just Being With You

The Muffs - Lucky Charm The Muffs - On My Own The Muffs - Too Awake

The Muffs - Insane The Muffs - The Kids Have Gone Away The Muffs - Sky

Sophie Noel - Miniature Coronas Wilco - One and a Half Stars Champion Lawnmower - I Can Slinky

Common Holly - It's Not Real