The Above Average Duckling setlist for July 19 2019:

Classic - filler

The Mants - Hungry Mant Les Shirley - Stuck in the Middle WLMRT - Nice Song ft. Eliza Niemi

Necking - Big Mouth Necking - No Playtime Necking - Drag Me Out Necking - Boss

Necking - Still Exist Necking - Rover Necking - Go Getter Necking - Spare Me Necking - Habbo Hotel

Tom Waits - Jockey Full of Bourbon Goosebump - Don't Have the Heart for the Hustle The Tuts - Back Up

Lagwagon - Child Inside Wavves - Beat Me Up Nerf Herder - For You

Kate Micucci - Soup in the Woods Freezepop - Duct Tape My Heart Hank Pine and Lily Fawn - Lucifer

Green Day - No One Knows Julia Nunes - I Will Go Anywhere With You Ozma - Heartache vs. Heartbreak

Sparks - Nothing is Sacred Julie Ruin - On Language They Might Be Giants - Contrecoup (Live Radio Version)

Jons - Blood Red LeBaron Violent Femmes - Used to Be Century Egg - One Thousand Words, Ten Thousand Phrases 千言万语

Makeout Videotape - Gone Gone Gone Peach Kelli Pop - New Moon Subject - Betty

Eleni Mandell - Circumstance