The Above Average Duckling setlist for May 24 2019:

MasterSwordRemix - I'll Be Back For It

Rosacea - Elizabethtown Pinner - Island Song Poppy - I'm Poppy

Green Day - Don't Wanna Fall in Love The Replacements - Love You Till Friday Russian Tim & Pavel Bures - Skandal

Pavement - Motion Suggests Itself Lenoire - Bed Rhythm Sigh - Dusty Rose

Winnie Richards - Fallen Foxes Moondle - Fragile Skin Wise Child - Idle Hands

Lemon Demon - Cabinet Man Scars on Broadway - Kill Each Other/Live Forever Ween - Don't Laugh (I Love You) Hirokazu Tanaka - Magicant

Sebadoh - Sister Nirvana - Even in His Youth Die Mannequin - Autumn Cannibalist

Violent Femmes - Old Mother Reagan Ozma - The Business of Getting Down (Flight of the Bootymaestro) They Might Be Giants - Destination Moon

Wild/Kind - Best Friend's Dad Wild/Kind - Hey! Listen! Wild/Kind - Belle v. Sebastian Wild/Kind - (God Damn) The Sea

The Raincoats - Off Duty Trip Renaldo & the Loaf - Ted's Reverie Primus - Eleven

The Rentals - Friends of P. Sparks - Get in the Swing Property - Back Row

Pottery - Hank Williams