The Above Average Duckling setlist for April 19 2019:

Lavalamp - Flea Market

Palm Oil - Palm Oil Die Mannequin - Lonely of a Woman Ruby Karinto - Chikotan

Protruders - Stabilizer Crones - Swabs Ty Segall - Squealer Gone Cosmic - Bear the Weight

Yep - Sport Yep - REM

Freezepop - He Says She Says Skating Polly - Nothing More Than a Body Operation Space Opera - You Won't Get With Me Tonight

Galaxie 500 - Strange Ornament & Crime - Shucks

Sparks - Thanks But No Thanks The Vestibules - Ned's New Haircut Billie Eilish - All the Good Girls Go to Hell

Los Straitjackets - Game of Thrones Los Straitjackets - Medley: Dancing with the Stars / Sex and the City Los Straitjackets - The Fishin' Hole (Theme from The Andy Griffith Show) Los Straitjackets - Ashokan Farewell (Theme from Ken Burns: the Civil War)

The Muffs - And I Go Pow They Might Be Giants - Circular Karate Chop Cake - Daria

Makeout Videotape - Freemasons Prayer The Music Tapes - The Television Tells Us Ben Folds - Adelaide

Miss World - Not Quite a Lady Gender Poutine - Gee I Wanna Superdrag - Cynicality

Subject - Perception