The Above Average Duckling setlist for December 15 2017:

Pixies - Rock Music Minutemen - Viet Nam Violent Femmes - Sleepwalkin'

Open Relationship - Born Weird Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle - Smokestacks They Might Be Giants - I've Got a Fang

Jodi Proznick - Litte Bluebird Trent Severn - No Anchor Perpetuals - I

Hank Pine and Lily Fawn - Que Hora Ween - Demon Sweat Elvis Costello - Lipstick Vogue

Mauno - Decide Ink Sticks & Stones - The Astronaut in the Sky Moon Eyed - Underground Ocean

The White Stripes - Let's Shake Hands The Mountain Goats - See America Right Jack Off Jill - Lollirot

Neon High - Southern California Ben Folds Five - The Last Polka The Slits - Adventures Close to Home Peach Kelli Pop - Plastic Love

Taxi - Couch Peach Pyramid - Wool Prime Junk - X-Files

Snakefinger - Trashing All the Loves of History Primus - Mr. Knowitall Ozma - Korobeiniki

The Mothers of Invention - Bow Tie Daddy / Harry, You're a Beast / What's The Ugliest Part of Your Body? The Mothers of Invention - Dog Breath, in the Year of the Plague Ruben and the Jets - Jelly Roll Gum Drop

Shonen Knife - Parrot Polynesia